DIY: how to make zero waste decorations for Christmas!

    Last year for the first time I decorated my own Christmas tree and I loved playing with creativity, making beautiful handmade decorations. Since they had great success among the people who have seen them, today I share my tutorial with you, and I recommend to do this activity with children in the coming days of vacation, to train manual skills and have fun together. Here is the good news: you don’t need to buy anything! In fact, we will only use recycled materials, broken or surplus items that everyone has at home. What do we need? The necessary materials are: cardboard tubes from the inside of the finished rolls of…


    DIY: how to create handmade recycled paper

    Paper is such a common material in our daily life that we do not pay any attention to it, even though we use it continuously during the day. On average, 300 million tons of paper are used worldwide each year. Throughout history, it has been the instrument that allowed men to preserve the cultural heritage of humanity: the most famous literary works were written on paper, as well as artists’ drawings and scientists’ calculations that led to great discoveries. Until a few decades ago, it was the only medium we used to store our memory. In the past, for centuries, paper was made using mainly rags of linen, hemp and…

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