Where do balloons go when they fly away?

    Colored balloons are so beautiful, especially those inflated with helium! Yes, they are beautiful, but they are dangerous as well and unfortunately most people are unaware of it. The pollution caused by balloons is a growing problem with deadly consequences. Although it can be totally preventable, millions of balloons are intentionally released in the environment every year. What happens to balloons once they are released? Where do they go? Actually, they don’t disappear: sooner or later they return to Earth as litter. Since they are light and made of quite resistant plastic, they can fly for hundreds or even thousands of miles and land anywhere, they pollute the most remote…


    How to save the Oceans

    Summer: time for holidays, sea, relax and fun. Also, time to stop, observe and reflect. This year I’ve been lucky enough to spend part of my time in a place not far from the sea, so I could start taking the first walks on the beach between April and May, when the shore is still not constantly cleaned up by the lifeguards. What I found was a plastic beach: trash at every step. When I was a child, I used to collect shells and pebbles on the beach; today’s children will find almost only plastic pieces, cotton buds, cigarette butts… Plastic is choking our oceans, hurting animals and our own…


    The city that changed the way I see the world

    I have already written about my experience as a countryside girl in London in my previous post. Here I will tell you what changed my point of view about “life, the universe and everything”. In two years I couldn’t get used to the urban life, with the consequent pollution, traffic, and never-ending noises. Throughout my life I have lived divided between two little Italian towns in the countryside: How could I ever get used to the big metropolis? London is a beautiful city that offers job opportunities and gives the chance to experience art and culture for free, thanks to its huge museums and spectacular galleries. But other things aren’t…

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