The city that changed the way I see the world

    I have already written about my experience as a countryside girl in London in my previous post. Here I will tell you what changed my point of view about “life, the universe and everything”. In two years I couldn’t get used to the urban life, with the consequent pollution, traffic, and never-ending noises. Throughout my life I have lived divided between two little Italian towns in the countryside: How could I ever get used to the big metropolis? London is a beautiful city that offers job opportunities and gives the chance to experience art and culture for free, thanks to its huge museums and spectacular galleries. But other things aren’t…


    Find the essential, to live well with less

    My husband is a robot with a heart made of bits. He is a virtual reality developer and the computer is an extension of his body. Long story short, together we are a couple of opposites: the hippie and the robot, white and black. About two years ago, on an ordinary evening, he received a Skype video call from abroad: he replied in his pajamas, lying on the bed, half asleep, and then realized that it was a job offer. A month later we were two migrants loaded with suitcases and hopes, tiny and lost in a huge and unknown city, London. We have lived for two years in a 20…


    Stars and trees

    My name is Vera, I was born in a small town in northern Italy and raised between the countryside of Lodi and Pesaro-Urbino. As a child I wanted to be an astronomer, a swimming champion, a writer and an artist, all at the same time. I haven’t become any of these, but I keep dreaming and nurturing my passions with much curiosity. I graduated in History of Art in Milan and during my university years, facing the city life for the first time, I discovered to have a deep love for nature. My “bucolic” spirit made me feel like a fish out of water stuck in the traffic, smog and…

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