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    My husband is a robot with a heart made of bits. He is a virtual reality developer and the computer is an extension of his body. Long story short, together we are a couple of opposites: the hippie and the robot, white and black. About two years ago, on an ordinary evening, he received a Skype video call from abroad: he replied in his pajamas, lying on the bed, half asleep, and then realized that it was a job offer. A month later we were two migrants loaded with suitcases and hopes, tiny and lost in a huge and unknown city, London. We have lived for two years in a 20…


    Stars and trees

    My name is Vera, I was born in a small town in northern Italy and raised between the countryside of Lodi and Pesaro-Urbino. As a child I wanted to be an astronomer, a swimming champion, a writer and an artist, all at the same time. I haven’t become any of these, but I keep dreaming and nurturing my passions with much curiosity. I graduated in History of Art in Milan and during my university years, facing the city life for the first time, I discovered to have a deep love for nature. My “bucolic” spirit made me feel like a fish out of water stuck in the traffic, smog and…

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