Lush Naked Shop

Milan… Milan is a big city, you drink, you eat and… you get naked!
No, we are not crazy, but we decided to join the #NakedRevolution not stripping our clothes, but getting rid of the useless packaging.
How? Opening the first Lush Naked Shop in the world!

“The tide is turning”

The store is located in via Torino 42 in Milan, and was inaugurated on June 1st 2018, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the brand in Italy.
What’s different with the other Lush stores?
Well, this is the first to challenge the current state of the cosmetic industry, offering a wide range of products exclusively naked, solid and free of any kind of packaging. Plastic not admitted!

I virtually followed the opening in June and only yesterday I managed to visit the shop. Crossing the threshold, you enter a world of enveloping aromas, shapes and colors that attract the curiosity to approach, touch, smell and try.
The setting is very nice: simple, but effective, with that pleasant touch of green given by many plants everywhere (not the fake ones in plastic that we unfortunately see in many public places and shops).

Here you will find soaps, bubble baths, scrubs, bath bombs, shampoos, conditioners, masks and oils, all solid and handmade, each piece is unique and different from the next, fresh, not tested on animals, made with ethical ingredients, natural and biodegradable, perfect for a zero waste bathroom!

At the check-out you can choose to store your purchases in your containers (as I did: I had brought with me a handkerchief and a jar), or in simple paper bags.
For this first time, I bought the Sultana of Soap, the Jungle hair conditioner, and I received a slice of Scrubee as a free sample, which immediately made my bath pleasantly perfumed.

I really appreciated the kindness and helpfulness of the people who work at the Lush Naked Shop, ready to answer questions, to talk and spread the topic of zero waste and to let their customers try all the products. In particular, I have to thank Giorgia, who dedicated a whole hour to me, illustrating both the products and the store.

Here I am in the center, with the lovely Elisa and Giorgia.

Another innovative aspect lies in the fact that this is not only a shop, but also a place of experimentation and exchange of ideas: on the first floor there is a space dedicated to events, meetings, workshops, projections and interactive reflections on the conservation and protection of the oceans, the hope of a zero-waste life, the alternatives to disposable plastic and much more.

You can take a break to read the books about these topics and reflect on the importance that your choices have on the world.

“Solid shampoos last more than many relationships”

“The store will turn into a journey in search of solutions, a place of experimentation, sharing and exchanging ideas to shape the future together.”

Have you already been there? What products have you tried?
If you want, write me… the next time I will be in Milan we can go there together! 🙂

Slow crafter from Italy ✂️? ?? Nature lover ?

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