Throw your bombs… the seedbombs!

Put some flowers in your guns!

For this post I have to thank my brother who unexpectedly gave me a beautiful gift: a bomb of seeds.

The invention of seedbombs is attributed to a Japanese botanist and philosopher, Masanobu Fukuoka. In the 40s he gave birth to an agricultural technique called natural farming or do-nothing farming. Its revolutionary idea is based on supporting the natural biodiversity, minimizing human intervention. Therefore plowing, pruning, fertilization, or use of anti-parasitic are unnecessary. The germination occurs on the surface, mixing the seeds with clay and compost. So the farmer’s work is limited to sowing and harvesting.

Recently the seedbombs have spread thanks to the activists of an environmental movement called Guerrilla Gardening, whose intent is to sow flowers and vegetables in the degraded areas of the city, creating beautiful and colorful flowerbeds to break the urban dullness.

We can all do the “guerrilla of the seeds” and spread life on the earth because the self-production of these seedbombs is easy to carry out. They can be planted almost anywhere, preferably in humid and sunny areas. After a few weeks you will appreciate the beautiful blooms!

The principle is simple: they are balls made of clay, compost, seeds and water. The compost provides nutrients for the seeds, while the clay absorbs and preserves moisture, it is immune to mold and provides protection from the cold and the insects.

My bomb is hand-made in the UK by Kabloom and it is called Butterflybom. The shell is made of recycled, organic and biodegradable materials. It is filled with an explosive mix of organic compost and a selection of wildflower seeds, particularly loved by butterflies as well as other pollinating insects.

Seedbom – The friendly flowerbomb that grows! from Kabloom on Vimeo.

The seedbombs are perfect zero waste gifts for flowers and plants lovers, but also suitable to start beginners to gardening. They can be made in educational workshops for children and garden therapy, or used as pretty and original wedding favors.

I look forward to throwing mine! If you follow me, in a few weeks I will show you the results!

Keep on sowing your seed, for you never know which will grow. Perhaps it all will.
(Albert Einstein)

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