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My name is Vera, I was born in a small town in northern Italy and raised between the countryside of Lodi and Pesaro-Urbino.
As a child I wanted to be an astronomer, a swimming champion, a writer and an artist, all at the same time. I haven’t become any of these, but I keep dreaming and nurturing my passions with much curiosity.
I graduated in History of Art in Milan and during my university years, facing the city life for the first time, I discovered to have a deep love for nature. My “bucolic” spirit made me feel like a fish out of water stuck in the traffic, smog and city noise.
For a few years I have dedicated my free time and efforts to my enthusiasm for creativity, which helped me a lot in difficult times. I love everything hand-made and one-of-a-kind and I recognize a great value in the slowness of crafting. Experimenting different techniques and materials, I learned how to recycle and transform old things into new ones, giving life to jewelry, accessories and decorations of all kinds.
I also lived for some time in London with my fiancé, who is now my husband. Here is where I felt suffocated by the chaos of the metropolis, growing inside the need to get back in touch with nature.
So I decided to set myself some goals to live better with less, find creative alternatives to simplify my life and respect our planet as much as possible.
So here I am, opening this blog with the desire to create a small space to exchange ideas with those sharing my many interests, which all have in common the same philosophy: love and respect for the nature.

What does “Veraviglie” mean? Nothing!
It is a play on words with my name, Vera, and the Italian word “Meraviglie”, which means “marvels”.
I invented this name because my purpose is to make you see the wonders of small and simple everyday things through my eyes.


Italian version

Slow crafter from Italy ✂️? ?? Nature lover ?


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